Tabor House's Christmas List

Tabor House always needs something it can't afford on a tight budget, but rarely has a comprehensive list been made of all the things we'd be grateful to receive as donations. Cathy Cohen, our interim executive director, has done just that, and her timing couldn't be better. It's almost Christmas, and if you're looking for a fresh way to celebrate its spirit, you could do that by giving us something on the accompanying list. Please check it out, make a choice and call 860-244-3876 to arrange delivery (and to be sure someone else isn't giving the same thing).

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James Driven to Lead a Righteous, Drug-Free Life

       UPDATE: Since the story below was published in July, James has moved into his own apartment in Hartford and has gotten a job. His relatively short stay at Tabor House makes his a special success story, both for him and his case workers.

      James arrived in Hartford on Nov. 6, 2013, a place he had never been except for making a few deliveries when he was working as a truck driver. He didn’t know anyone. He had no idea where he would sleep. He just knew he couldn’t be home, in Southeastern Connecticut, anymore.
       If he was going to change his life, he had to leave a place where he was comfortable for a place where he was uncomfortable, a place where he wasn’t surrounded by the people and temptations that had brought him down so often in the past.

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